The various aspects of the referral program: What Works

Cooperation on the referral program can be represented as your relationship with a familiar aunt living in the suburbs, from which you usually buy fresh vegetables and berries. In this case, the aunt’s garden will be a company, and she herself will personify her labor resources. You willget a lot of information about referral customer programme, over the internet.

Experience over four years

Knowing that the aunt does not process vegetables with any chemistry and is very clean, you are happy to tell her friends about it. In this case, you will be the referrer, i.e. invite friends to purchase from your aunt.Your task is to transfer the contacts of your aunt to your friends with a note that they are from a certain place. This transfer of information is a personal (referral) link.

It seems that it doesn’t bother you much and it’s convenient for acquaintances you don’t need to look for the “right grandmother”. Some of your colleagues will not only buy their crops for their aunt, but they will also begin to make friends with her at the weekend they will gladly go to the suburbs to breathe fresh air and make supplies for the winter, others will advise them.Auntie your recommendations are very profitable, because otherwise she would have to sit on the bazaar herself  to lose precious time for which she tied up the best tomatoes, or sprinkled cucumbers, or just relaxed at home in front of the TV. Yes, and you can sit all day, and buyers will be, because the conversion of sales on word of mouth in any company, as well as for your aunt, is always more pleasant and productive.And most importantly, from such a relationship, you also did not remain out of stockthe owner of the strawberry will send or “twist” for the winter will give. This is all in gratitude for the fact that you told others about it, and now they are not only buying berries, but also dig potatoes in the garden.

All solid benefits

But unlike aunt, the company will not give you a reward not with potatoes, but with real money or a discount for the next purchase. First of all, referral marketing programs are created for earning, and each company has its own conditions.

Referral program what it is and for whom

Referral program is a way of cooperation between a company and its client, where an existing client is rewarded for bringing new clients from among personally familiar people.It is important to note here that the referral program is a type of affiliate program. The main difference from other types of affiliate programs is that strangers are usually attracted to cooperation. Relative programs usually involve relatives, friends and personal acquaintances.Therefore, the process of attracting is usually qualitatively different from affiliate programs. In this case, the company attracts customers with its level of service, excellent service, after which you want to tell others. A reward is an additional impetus for this step. In the invitations for the referral program more enthusiasm, emotion, interest, and therefore a higher conversion.

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